As an NVOCC, CFL Crossfreight Line AG provides reliable and neutral consolidation services for cargo. Our weekly direct container consoles move seamlessly from India to Switzerland using sea freight vessels and trains for inland haulage, ensuring timely delivery with minimal disruptions. Our team is experienced in stuffing and organizing distribution at the destination, carefully executing our clients' packing lists and shipping instructions to ensure the desired outcome.

In addition to our physical logistics services, CFL Crossfreight Line AG also recognizes the importance of IT solutions in the digital age of supply chain management. We are aware that our customers may use PLM or ERP software to manage their inventory and operations, and we are prepared to connect to these databases for article numbers, whether for merchandise landing on shelves or at fulfillment centers. This allows us to offer specialized services for clients with online shops as well as traditional brick and mortar businesses, seamlessly integrating with their existing systems.