Basel, located at the tripoint of Switzerland, Germany, and France, has become a key logistics hub in Europe. This is due to the development of the Gateway of Basel, which links the city to the Mediterranean Sea via the Rhine River. As a result, Basel has seen an influx of large companies setting up shop in the area, including major players in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Pratteln, located in the Basel-Landschaft canton, is particularly notable for its role in the supply chain. The area is home to a variety of logistics service providers, ranging from large global companies to specialized local providers. This concentration of expertise makes Pratteln a natural location for supply chain management and logistics operations.

As the center of Europe, Basel offers an ideal location for CFL's logistics operations. The city's central location allows for quick access to key markets across the continent. Moreover, the area is home to a highly organized rail freight system, which provides efficient and reliable transportation options.

Given these factors, it's no surprise that CFL has established a strong presence in Basel. The company's operations in the area are well-positioned to take advantage of the city's logistics infrastructure and to provide high-quality logistics services to clients across Europe and beyond.