NVOCC gives you the price advantage of the big-shipper even for your smaller loads by consolidating small shipments into container loads that have more favourable rates.
CFL offers an extensive
range of solutions to
meet diverse logistical
requirements. The CFL
team is trained and
equipped to meet the
rigorous and mission-
critical demands of
the shipping domain.
Custom solutions,
efficient processing,
cost-savings and on-
time delivery are a
few of the perks of
doing business with CFL.
“We deliver the precision thinking and relentless execution that drives our clients' business transformation.

CFL launched its NVOCC operations in Switzerland in 1992, offering less-than-container load (LCL) shipments to the Far East, Europe, Mediterranean, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Arabian Gulf, South & Central America, South East Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent. Its Indian headquarters commenced operations in 2002, followed by the opening of a branch office in Sri Lanka, the same year. Currently serving the needs of its customers, are business operations in key locations across India including Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Tirupur and Tuticorin. CFL is planning to set course for China and Vietnam in the near future.

Buyers’ consolidation accounts for 2/3rd of CFL’s business, while the share of the freight forwarders is 1/3rd of total business.

The company's global business growth strategy based on the ‘hub’ concept focuses on establishing a Multi-Country-Consolidation (MCC) for Westbound and Eastbound shipments using the Indian sub-continent’s strategic location as a key transhipment base. CFL’s operations will facilitate exports from the Indian sub-continent to the Far East and Europe, in addition to exports from India to South-East Asia and, from South-East Asia to China. Dedicated hubs placed at strategic locations across the globe will open up access to more destinations, enabling CFL to become a world-class provider of shipping services.